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For our Spring issue, we’re highlighting diverse creatives in the community of independent musicians. Giving a platform for those who has worked hard as artists to push their music out there with no big labels backing them. Exploring the conversation of their own personal journeys and how they’ve been able to navigate through the music industry as an independent artist.

Cover Artists:

(Top L-R) Bigg Smith, Shaun Milli, Dreion,

(Bottom L-R) Ra Deshawn and Marco Alexander

Spring 2022 (Issue No. 07)

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Our Story

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ARTist Feature is an international quarterly creative lifestyle and empowerment magazine based out of Memphis, Tennessee. We aim to enhance the ARTS Community by discovering the ARTists behind the work, giving them a platform that allows their voices and perspectives to be heard. By bringing you inspiring stories from around the world through print and digital media, ARTist Feature Magazine is committed to championing and celebrating ARTists of the Next Generation.

Mission Statement

To create space for diverse ARTists to have open conversations about their upbringings and personal development into their chosen artistry. Sharing advice and tools that helped them along their journeys for the next generation of aspiring artists' advantage; while also giving readers a more personal approach to the lives of the artist behind their work.

Vision Statement

To help grow and support the ARTS  by providing platforms for the community to connect resources, collaborate, and receive exposure for their creativity. We want to create a representation of unity, positivity, and support.

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As a platform for ARTist and Creatives it’s important for us to support and collaborate with other creative minds outside of the magazine. We take pride in giving back and supporting the growth of all creative peoples by attending networking sessions and providing sponsorships to local events. The more interaction you have with others, the more opportunities and connections you build to further your career. Check out our calendar each month to see what events we will be at!