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Our Story

ARTist Feature is an international quarterly creative lifestyle and empowerment magazine based out of Memphis, Tennessee. We aim to enhance the ARTS Community by discovering the ARTists behind the work, giving them a platform that allows their voices and perspectives to be heard. By bringing you inspiring stories from around the world through print and digital media, ARTist Feature Magazine is committed to championing and celebrating ARTists of the Next Generation.

Mission Statement

To create space for diverse ARTists to have open conversations about their upbringings and personal development into their chosen artistry. Sharing advice and tools that helped them along their journeys for the next generation of aspiring artists' advantage; while also giving readers a more personal approach to the lives of the artist behind their work.

Vision Statement

To help grow and support the ARTS  by providing platforms for the community to connect resources, collaborate, and receive exposure for their creativity. We want to create a representation of unity, positivity, and support.

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Our History

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Before transitioning into an Art magazine in 2020, it all started in 2014 as the I AM ART Campaign. A student campaign launched by ARTavius Veasey (Editor-in-chief) while in undergrad at Memphis College of Art. Frustrated by a fellow design professor, who he saw bully the dreams of aspiring artists that felt if the artwork of students didn’t look like a piece from Pablo Picasso or Leonardo De Vinci, it wasn’t worthy to being called or classified as ART. So the I AM ART Campaign was a direct response to the bullying to help empower the young art students that no matter what anyone says about your creative expression, as long as you believe in yourself and your craft, you can be whoever you want to be. ART isn’t defined by one medium or compared to any artist; ART is the complete freedom of expression that holds no judgement or bounds to any genre/form of artistry.

Meet The Team

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ARTavius Veasey

Publisher & Editor-in-chief


Jackson Henderson

Contributing Writer

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Shane Huggins-Marsman

Health & Fitness Correspondent

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William Richard

Contributing Editor

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Nicolas Mackey

Social Media Correspondent

Our Partners

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