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Jerellz Releases "Dream"

Jerellz continues to heat up the summer with Dream. He never shies away from putting out top-quality music in the best way that he can. And with Dream, he delivers yet again another appetizer for your summer vibes. After releasing “Jokic” (feat. 8beezly) earlier this year, Jerellz still has kept his foot on the gas pedal. “Jokic was right on par with his skill set so you know he’s not letting up any time soon. The release of Dream has made that evident.

Dream is a two song EP consisting of tracks called “Tucson” and “Outta Here”. We’re not sure if Jerellz is hinting at anything from these titles but we’re interested! The New York based rapper has the reach to capture an audience all across America and he definitely could accomplish dreams of being successful in Tucson if he wanted to do that. Some artists are what we call, niche artists and they can only appeal to a niche group because that is what their music is geared toward. This is different than being a genre artist like a pop artist, country singer, or rapper. Niche is when you’re making music for young adults, west coast, or blue collar individuals. Jerellz has been able to stay focused and pursue his talents as an artist who can capture all of hip-hop.

During “Tucson”, Jerellz mentions extremely visionary scenes when he says “Flying through the desert, I think like Tucson”. This mixed with his space instrumentals will give you very ambient feels in his music. Some artist fail to fill a song. They fail to give the song the room and energy it needs to be full and take over the listeners ears and mind. But this song embodies what Jerellz does best. He gives his audience something to replay over and over because it has meaning to him. When you listen to his music you already know that he put plenty of thought into the concept of his performance.

You can find Dream on all major streaming platforms. Look out for Jerellz to release more music throughout the year by following him on Instagram Jerellz. The entire ATA Music Group is always up to something so check out their site and connect to make sure you stay up to date.

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